What is Colon Hydrotherapy?

Colon Hydrotherapy is also known as colonic irrigation. It is clean and relaxing. A soothing flow of warm water is instilled gently into the colon through a nozzle (rectal tube) inserted into the rectum to cleanse the contents of the colon.

Why do you need a colon cleanse?

1.Exposure to pollution in our air, food and water :

Cars exhaust gas, heavy metal, chemical contaminates, antibiotics, preservatives, colourings etc.
2.Poor diet and lack of dietary fiber :

Eat too much dairy products, fried food, white sugar, salt, alcohol, heavy tasting food and acidic-forming food etc.

Fecal matters remain in the colon for a prolonged period, producing all sorts of harmful substances that are reabsorbed into the blood stream. This process is known as auto intoxication. Plus an unhealthy digestive system and easy will have the following symptoms :

fatigueimmune deficiency
weight loss or gaindiarrhea
constipationrectal bleeding and decreased appetite

Colon Hydrotherapy is a procedure that cleanses the colon wall by removing waste products, thus encouraging the digestive system to work more efficiently and effectively.

How the colon affects the health of the body

Colon health is recognized as an important part in maintaining or regaining health :

The consumption of mucous producing foods causes dense, sticky bowel movements. Excess mucous in our system is a sign of trouble. Mucous stools are difficult for the body to eliminate. When they are expelled, they leave a glue - like coating on the wall of the colon which accumulates layer by layer into a hard rubbery crust.

The body cannot eliminate these hardened layers on it's own. They are often carried for the duration of the person's life as unhealthy body. Incompletely digested food ferments and putrefies when remaining in the colon longer than a day. When this fermented waste combines with the body's own bile acids from the liver, carcinogens can form. We already know carcinogens can ultimately develop into colon or rectal cancers.

Since the colon wall is encrusted with hardened fecal matters, the colon is unable to absorb water and minerals from our food in the last phase of digestion. This prolonged stay of the incompletely digested food inside of the intestine fermented and putrefied which produces harmful substances. These harmful substances will be reabsorbed into our bloodstream and carried to different parts of the body.