Colon Hydrotherapy Session

  • In HydroHouse, a certified and experienced colon hydrotherapist will give you consultation before to have the treatment.
  • HydroHouse provided each client a private room and a specialy designed bed that allows client to easily insert a lubricated thin rectual tube (the size of a pencil) by themselves.
  • We provided clothing to change and a sheet for covering, make clients feel relaxing, private and dignified.
  • During the colonic session, purified water will into the large intestines, water will soften, dilute the waste products and encourage colon to carry out its natural peristaltic action.
  • Therapist will checked clients throughout the session and will also provied gently massage on the lower abdomen. The whole colonic session lasts around 45 minutes.
  • After colonic session, we will provide with probiotic and electrolytes supplement to maintain the balance of healthy elements in your colon.