About Us

HydroHouse is colonic center in Hong Kong. We are concentrate and professional to serve our clients.
Our goal is let all clients to have colonic treatment and after that they will know more about the body and find a easy way to keep more healthy.

Our therapists have more than 10 years experience in colonic treatment, all of them are certified by I-Act (International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy).

Our treatment equipment is imported from the US and manufactured to comply with strict FDA standards.
Disposable single-use rectal tubes are used for every client at every session.

Our center uses water that has bee purified twice and is hospital grade quality. We use Reverse Osmosis water treatment plant producing kidney dialysis grade water of the purest quality, even for drinking.

HydroHouse's water is also sampled and certified by US manufacturer and The Hong Kong Standards and Testing Center to ensure strict compliance to the U.S. USP23 and AAMI medical standards.